Sunday, July 31, 2005


JH: I may be writing towards a From. From is never more than an extension of content? Maybe I'm writing X-rays of skeletons that could never fit inside existing bodies, or could fit only impractically. Bodies would look and move differently with unexpected skeletons. How would the minds of these bodies try to process these new forms, and what might an observer (besides you, I mean - a hypothetical observer), impartial or otherwise, say, write, and think of these new bodies? In less dramatic X-rays, one bone would be altered in a manner unapparent outside a thorough examination. Where did I come up with all this? I don't know, it came to me after the second sentence in this paragraph. What does this mean?

AHB: I might as well mention that Dennis Barone has a book called Forms/Froms, tho my copy is boxed up and unquotable. My question wasn't of the best, but I recognize a movement between 2 points: the strange puddle of misted essence that the writer dips into, and the person on the other end, the reader, who (tries to) make whatever of that essence. I don't know what this means, and neither does anyone else. The famous Creeley/Olsonism always stuck with me, tho I've read enough refutations. It makes sense that content defines form, but I think we can both point to works of retrofitting. Anyway, I start getting lost, real lost, when questions like what is content? get bandied. I may be unquizzically content to go with the flow. That flow being that I am drawn to write as I do, simplement. Or it is the assurance that my instincts will serve me, and the effort that I've made to hone my poetic sensibilities likewise. I may have to ask what your favourite colour is, or who's your favourite Beatle, just to avoid the metaphysical that I've stumbled into. I infer that you don't do your work on a keyboard, except final draft, I suppose. Could you describe the mechanical aspects of your writing (the Paris Review question has now been asked). Notebooks or sheets? Pencil? Whilst wandering lonely as a cloud or at a desk? At a set time, or when the lightning bolt finds you? Do you ever shake up your routine, if you have a routine?


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