Thursday, October 27, 2005


JH: It concerns me, yes. The Mr. Hyde is when too much of me fiddles with the poem as it's being written - the editor emerging too early. It's easy for me to get stuck on a line instead of going forward when this happens. I wrote "too much of me", which strikes me (how much of me is stricken though?) as suggesting a part (as in a single part, more than as in percentage) that does the initial writing. Instead of the poem coming from a mental archive that is then shaped into something singular, could it be something singular that is then added to from a storehouse of material in order to make it more recognizable to the reader, and more recognizable to the author, who can then add more or clip some to make it closer to the original singular?

AHB: There's an original poem somewhere (inside? Outside?) that claims its space, finds a writer to write it, in the process of which, confuses or overwhelms the writer, who of course has other things in mind, who has to carry the beautiful image of said writer amidst the other writers and other people with whom the writer remains or gathers, meanwhile the poem is unsure, itself, of this and that, the living quotient of indications and suggestions, and the eager life of living, with words and on, thus the poem in its terrible resumptions pursues its own life upon a page that is merely a screen in the mind of whoever possible...and I only became a writer because I became a writer...


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