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JH: I like the idea of artworks having rights. Do the artworks themselves regulate these rights? Do they look after themselves, as far as preservation goes (with so many books lost to us - I'm thinking here of the myriad of ancient Greek texts)? There are many exciting writers who have yet to be extremely well-known. All the writers on the Wryting list, for one. Also, a poet new to the publishing scene: Diana Magallon. Her work is certainly exciting - literary and well-thought out. Her work often reminds me of Zukofsky's short poems.

7 poems (click on the "next page" link at the top of the Great Works page to see the rest of the poems) to read the rest of the poems)






Another excellent poet is Séamas Cain -


His lines are worlds of their own, a sign of true poetry. He's also one of the best theatre authors around.

Cain Photo

Petra Backonja is another fine poet. She indeed plays on a particularly extensive set of verbal chimes,


Backonja again

and on a extensive set of visual chimes as well.


et puis plus

et puis...

And so many more poets I've missed in this quick off-the-top-of-my-head list! What are your picks?

AHB: artworks have a life regulated by like other lifeform: random occurences and their own energy combine. It sounds lardy dardy but I'm down with the concept. Go little poem, and so forth. You bring up the Greek texts, and that is interesting, if tangential. I think I've read English translations of everything that remains of Sappho's work. Of course I'm reading thru quite a filter, but there's little enough to base an opinion on, except that people held onto the idea of her work, and place her in the empyrean. I don't think it is just her reputation surviving, I think it is her poetry, tho for us nowadays, it is such a fragmentary offering. Regarding less well known writers, of course the Wryting list, tho Sheila Murphy and John Bennett don't qualify as lesser known. Bob BrueckL does, and his work is a curious, intense, straining fare. He has a book coming out from xPress sometime this year. Joanna Sondheim has impressed me, she briefly posted to the Wryting list. Alli Warren is definitely underpublished. I know of her eChapbookfrom Faux Press. She also has a chapbook called Hounds that she published herself. I wrote to her asking for a copy and she obliged, presumably others can do likewise. Rodney Koeneke isn't well known enough, I wot. Of course I can go on. Jeff Harrison recently sent me two books that affirm myhigh opinion. Can you speak of these two works—they strike me as somewhat different from other works in your oeuvre—and perhaps you could even suggest how one might procure same.


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